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Here's how our referral program works.
It's a bit different than most because when you refer someone to our site, you and that person both earn cash. Simply tell a friend about When they come here to order tell them to mention your name in the order form section which asks "who if anyone referred you to this site (name and city)". Your friend references your name and city and instantly receives a $5.00 credit towards their initial order. You'll also receive a $5.00 credit on your next order, just for referring that friend! The best thing about it... YOU BOTH EARN CASH! Plus, its completely voluntary! (We make no attempt to contact you or your referral by e-mail, phone or mail.)

It's simple to use, no codewords to remember, no coupons to submit, no bothersome sales calls to answer. You are welcome to refer an unlimited amount of people, but an individual can only be counted as referred one time.

All credits must be used by March 31, 2001 and are thereafter not redeemable.